Koizora – Episode 5

koizoraMika graduates High School and gets into the university of her choice – and her relationship is Yuu is progressing at a good pace as she forgets about Hiro.

Mika has graduated High School, and gives her parents a letter apologising for all the worry she’s caused over the past few years.  Her departure from High School to University seems to signify the start of her new life away from her past with Hiro.

After the graduation ceremony, Yuu takes Mika to the beach, where he tells her he’s buried her present in a mound of sand.  Mika digs through the sand and finds a ring with “pledge” written on underneath, which Yuu puts on her left hand.

Meanwhile Nozomu has updated Hiro with what’s going on in Mika’s life.  Hiro is proud of Mika, and tells Minako that Mika’s got into university.  Hiro tells his sister that his next hurdle is to make it to the age of 20, and that he’ll work just as hard as Mika.

On Christmas Eve, Mika returns to the grave of her daughter.  Yuu asks Mika if he can go with her to support her, but she replies that she always wants to be looking towards the future with Yuu, and never back on her past.  As Mika approaches the grave, she sees someone laying down a pair of mittens, and realises it’s Nozomu.  Mika enquires to what he’s doing there, and Nozomu finally breaks his pledge of silence and tells Mika that Hiro’s made 100 pairs of gloves for him to lay at the babies grave, but he doesn’t think he can live that long.  Not understanding him, Mika pushes him for his reasons being here on Hiro’s behalf, and he finally reveals that Hiro has cancer, and has had it since just after their daughter died.

Yuu arrives at the grave an hour later, worried about Mika, to find her kneeling by the grave and crying.  She refuses to tell him what’s happened, and instead behaves increasingly coldly toward him.  At home, her parents notice that Mika isn’t eating, and her mother realises that Mika is behaving the same as when Hiro dumped her.

Mika contacts Aya and she quickly comes over and climbs through Mika’s window to see her.  Mika asks if Aya knew about Hiro’s illness, but she’s just as shocked as Mika.  Mika is confused as to what to do – Yuu has been so kind to her, but now knowing the truth about Hiro, it will hurt her either one she chooses.  Aya replies that Mika has to be happy.

A few days later, Mika meets Yuu again and explains the situation.  Yuu realises that Mika is going to return to Hiro, and tries to stop her, but in pulling away, the ring he gave her falls off.  Yuu picks it up and suddenly realises that Mika wont be happy staying with him just because he wants her too, and lets her go, but asks to drive her to Hiro’s hospital, as the last thing he can do for her.

The pair arrive at the hospital, and Yuu tells Mika to leave quickly before he starts crying, Mika hesitates, but finally leaves.  Yuu can’t believe she’s gone, and gets out the car to watch her run into the hospital, throwing the ring away in a rage.

Mika enteres the hospital and finds Hiro’s room.  The two talk over everything that’s happened, Hiro pushing Mika away, the terrible things he did to her, and Mika’s relationship with Yuu – and Hiro even points out that he only has 3 months to live.  Eventually, despite the past and the bleak future, they decide to be together again.

Mika’s parents notice that she’s cheered up the next day, and that she’s wearing Hiro’s ring again.  Mika explains the situation, and Mika’s father goes to the hospital to apologise to Hiro for hitting him and mistrusting him.  Mika begins to spend all her time with Hiro, as he teaches her to knit, and even Aya and Nozomu come along to spend time with the pair.  Mika decides to give up university so that she can care for Hiro, and her family support the decision.  Hiro’s health continues to deterioratehowever, and after a series of tests and a loss of apatite the doctors tell Hiro’s family that it’s probably best to take him home so he can spend his final days out of hospital.

His family don’t know how to break the news to him, and Minako refuses to give up on her brother.  However they decide that it’s Hiro’s decision to make, and Hiro is not going to give up the fight yet.  He refuses to leave and when Mika enters the room, he pretends that he’s fine.

Later that evening, Mika asks Hiro to marry him, and Hiro suggests they do it at that moment, taking down the net curtain from his window to make Mika a veil.  The two walk out into the snow together to a shrine to pledge their love for each other.  However Hiro breaks down with sadness, wishing he had more time with Mika.

The Verdict

This was the very predictable, yet moving episode, of the change of events we were waiting for.  I have to admit while I was watching this I was distracted by MSN flooding and my brother playing Viva Pinata, so I’m going to have to revise this later.

But why did i let myself get distracted?  Well it was a slightly painful episode.  Yuu was a really nice guy, but then again, he’s known all along that Mika’s still hung up on Hiro for various reasons, yet forced a relationship on her.  He’s one of life’s good guys in many ways, that will always end up crying in his car, loosing to his girlfriend.  And because of that, you can’t help but dislike Mika a little.  Okay it’s a very unlikely thing to happen to anyone, but she knew all along that something with Hiro wasn’t right, but she wasn’t going to wait forever to find out.

So the next episode will be the last, and we all know what will happen, so I’ll get some tissues ready.



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