42″ TV makes me feel sad for Gurren Lagan

So another week has come and gone, HANGRY & ANGRY apparently had an amazing performance at the Chibi Japan Expo, the Shibuya style crossing was opened at Oxford Circus by Boris Johnson… and cosplayers!  But most exultingly, for myself this week, is that HANGRY & ANGRY’s new album is finally listed on Amazon UK.

But more importantly, we now have an extremely large television to watch anime, CSI, Harry Hill and whatever else amuses us, as well as play games on – however this large TV isn’t as great for viewing as you would expect.  We had three DVDs to watch this weekend from LoveFilm – Gurren Laggan, Get Backers and Firefly.  While Get Backers and Firefly looked okay, Gurren Laggan (and maybe it’s because it was one of the first things we watched on the TV, and maybe because I’d previously watched it in HD) looked like utter crap – and considering it was the most recent of the three, was mildly disappointing.  If blu-ray wasn’t so slow, maybe we’d invest in one of those, but at the moment, I’ll have to put up with the DVD quality. 

The second negative, and which we fully expected to be disappointing, was playing the Wii on such a large screen.  It was similar to the effect of when you really want to play a N64 game, plug-in the  N64, with all those great memories of Golden Eye or Mario 64 flooding back to you, and then realising that the game now looks so repulsive you don’t actually want to play it.  It’s just the way technology goes.  But still, it’s pretty disappointing from the Wii considering how both XboX 360 and PS3 have HD compatibility (don’t ask me about the technical side of it too much, as it’s my boyfriend who knows all the settings on how to make everything look lovely).

Sadistic DanceBack to the real world, outside of watching TV / DVDs all weekend and playing farmvile on face book, I’m attempting to use my google calendar a lot more effectively, and in the process, account for all the great – well I list them as – “J-Culture” events.  This isn’t just the bi-anual Expos and the big Summer cons, but more the small local events, the WOTA nights and the J-Pop Go’s.  Hopefully if it becomes conclusive enough I’ll make it a public calendar, and if I work out how to use it properly I’ll attempt to add people if they want to be added.


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  1. Anime DVDs are the lowest quality crap you’ll ever find, they’re badly encoded when sent to the states and then badly encoded when they get sent to the UK, horrible.

    And lol at the wii and its lack of HD, LOL.

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