bigga raiji 001Facts

BIGGA RAIJI is a Japanese reggae artist.  He released a mini album in 2004 called “Ikiyouyou” and a follow up in 2007 with “Appare”.  He’s collaborated with a number of Japanese Hip-Hop, RnB and Reggae artists such as Maki Goto, RYO the SKYWALKER and Tiny & Bigga.

How I discovered BIGGA RAIJI

Maki Goto featured BIGGA RAIJI on her “Sweet Black” track “Queen Bee”.  To me, he will forever be known as the man who got stuck in her car in the video.  Not only was BIGGA RAIJI’s appearance  slightly unusual for the Japanese music industry, but his rapping is fantastic.

Why you should listen

J-Urban isn’t the easiest genre to get into, yet BIGGA RAIJI’s album “Appare” is a fantastic work.  From the pacey “Onaka no uta”, hanging off the phrase “Big Belly Man, I’m a big belly man”, and “Rock On”,  it’s balanced perfectly by tracks like “Omou ga mama”.  Also, “Queen Bee” is probably my favorite post-Hello! Project  Maki Goto track.

As an artist, BIGGA RAIJI doesn’t take himself too seriously, with a major selling point being his unusually large size and appetite.  This adds to the chilled out feeling in a lot of his tracks, even if the joke does gets old.

Check Out:

Onaka no Uta

Queen Bee

Go Straight


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