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Minamicon 16

This is Tasuki Daisuki’s epic post about how to go to an anime convention, come home, and realise that you have no pictures really related to the actual convention.  Minamicon has to be my favourite, and the best run convention going in the UK, so I felt pretty honoured that I was asked to run an event this year.  Armed with my new camera, I also wanted to take loads of pictures of cosplayers, various events and other happenings.  However, this select collection shows you how sidetracked I got…

You see, UK conventions are all about the alcohol, and surprisingly for this con, this was the most I drank all weekend – mmm purple rain at TGI’s, what a conveniently place restaurant for Minami.  But this is how I started off on Friday.

And here is my attempt at sorting a wig out, which didn’t work.  It was covered in bits of feather from Insane Lampshade and MattD’s SHIPS cosplays from the Grand Cosplay Ball.  In the end, I opted to wearing Hello! Project and Genki Gear stuff all weekend rather than the hassle of cosplay.

In fact I had more cosplay to sell this year than I’ve ever taken to a convention just to wear.  Kind of shows my age me-thinks.

 Here’s a very interesting picture and an apt showing of my camera skills.  I’ve titled it “my foot, covered in boot”.  Loving the skanky carpet.

And here’s a giant police station they’re constructing in Southampton – gave me great confidence about the area.

Prizes for the quiz 🙂  We also had a pass-the-parcel with a Hello! Kitty activity pack inside ^_^

Breakfast!  This wasn’t mine though…

And here’s a load of cakes and fruit and sweet things I had for my mostly unhealthy breakfast.  As my boyfriend put it, it was if a child and chosen it… I also had waffles and syrup – nomnomnom


And the main thing I wanted to buy this year – a Ponyo plushie 🙂

Ponyo searches for ham while Totoro looks for acorns…

And quite luckily, some poor wota had either lost his or her mind or gone bankrupt as they seemed to be selling their entire Hello! Project collection up to Resonant Blue.  I lucky managed to finally grab Sexy 8 Beat (boo at Mitsui photocard though) and 2 Morning Musume concert DVDs (15nin non stop! and Best of Japan which I think may be the Mika graduation concert).


Then I kind of forgot what I was doing and didn’t take any more pictures.  Here’s me on the Friday night, pimping my Reina t-shirt, and one of the few pics where it’s not ultra blurry as I’m dancing like a maniac.

But back from the pic spam, Minami was really good fun this year.  It’s a relatively small con and sells out fast, and as some people have pointed out, yes, it is mainly the same people going to Minamicon every year.  That said, it doesn’t have the clique vibe that you sometimes have at the bigger cons, where whole anime societies go together and stick together, you can turn around and talk to any one without getting a dodgy look – unless they’re not part of the convention, and  unfortunately just booked in at that hotel at the weekend.



This weekend I watched Ponyo. 

Ponyo likes ham. 

I also like ham. 

 I like Ponyo.

BLEACH prizes

I almost forgot to mention one of the coolest things which happened to me over the Christmas period.  I won 2 limited edition BLEACH boxsets from a UK Anime Network twitter competition!

I haven’t won many prizes in my life, and I wont pretend that re-tweeting something on twitter required much skill or effort from me – but this is by far the best thing I’ve ever won!  And a good excuse to start watching BLEACH again.  The quality in these boxsets is really nice – manga have really turned into a superior DVD distributer!  Even better, I found this out on boxing day.  The weirdest thing of all though… the BLEACH boxset #1 was limited edition #84 ~ the same number as the Ai no Dai 6 Kan limited edition trading card I got ~ both of which arrived on the same day… I think I may have a new lucky number!

Thanks a load to UK Anime Network who put on the competition!  This really made my day – now to stop my brother from stealing them…

A New Year’s Resolution

So in we welcome 2010, and a new year is a fresh start for some.  While some people start making the insane resolutions that they’ll lose 20 kilo’s, not buy anything unnecessary and never drink / smoke / eat chocolate again, after years of trying to do such things myself, I realise they’re impossible.

But, New Year’s is a great time for a clear out, which made me realise something myself – as I deleted 12 drafts from my blog: I need to start finishing what I start.  I hate deleting my drafts, but not half as much as I hate being disorganised, and although some posts had had hours of work on them, I knew in the back of my mind that they’d never quite be finished.

So while we’re on the subject, I’ll bullet point them, delete the waffle and get to what I want to say:

  • 2009, although sad due to Koharu’s graduation, ended with 4 great H!P singles: Ryusei Boy, Party Time, Love x Peace = Paradise and Bravo Bravo
  • My favourite single of 2009 was B’z Ichibu to Zenbu / DIVE
  • My favourite album of 2009 was Perfume’s Traingle
  • My favourite H!P single was Guardian4’s Party Time – I deathlooped it to hell
  • My favourite H!P album was Morning Musume’s Platinum 9 Disc, as long as I skip past it’s you
  • My favourite anime of 2009 was Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

And now my resolution: to start finishing some of these posts!  I don’t have as much time as I used to ~ but I do have some new gizmo’s which will hopefully start helping me out!  And thanks to the support of my friends, my blog also seems to have gained a bit of notice recently – which reminds me, I really need to sort my blog roll out.

But here’s to a better 2010, more H!P goodness, and hopefully, more posts!

42″ TV makes me feel sad for Gurren Lagan

So another week has come and gone, HANGRY & ANGRY apparently had an amazing performance at the Chibi Japan Expo, the Shibuya style crossing was opened at Oxford Circus by Boris Johnson… and cosplayers!  But most exultingly, for myself this week, is that HANGRY & ANGRY’s new album is finally listed on Amazon UK.

But more importantly, we now have an extremely large television to watch anime, CSI, Harry Hill and whatever else amuses us, as well as play games on – however this large TV isn’t as great for viewing as you would expect.  We had three DVDs to watch this weekend from LoveFilm – Gurren Laggan, Get Backers and Firefly.  While Get Backers and Firefly looked okay, Gurren Laggan (and maybe it’s because it was one of the first things we watched on the TV, and maybe because I’d previously watched it in HD) looked like utter crap – and considering it was the most recent of the three, was mildly disappointing.  If blu-ray wasn’t so slow, maybe we’d invest in one of those, but at the moment, I’ll have to put up with the DVD quality. 

The second negative, and which we fully expected to be disappointing, was playing the Wii on such a large screen.  It was similar to the effect of when you really want to play a N64 game, plug-in the  N64, with all those great memories of Golden Eye or Mario 64 flooding back to you, and then realising that the game now looks so repulsive you don’t actually want to play it.  It’s just the way technology goes.  But still, it’s pretty disappointing from the Wii considering how both XboX 360 and PS3 have HD compatibility (don’t ask me about the technical side of it too much, as it’s my boyfriend who knows all the settings on how to make everything look lovely).

Sadistic DanceBack to the real world, outside of watching TV / DVDs all weekend and playing farmvile on face book, I’m attempting to use my google calendar a lot more effectively, and in the process, account for all the great – well I list them as – “J-Culture” events.  This isn’t just the bi-anual Expos and the big Summer cons, but more the small local events, the WOTA nights and the J-Pop Go’s.  Hopefully if it becomes conclusive enough I’ll make it a public calendar, and if I work out how to use it properly I’ll attempt to add people if they want to be added.