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Morning Musume 9th Generation announced

After massive speculation, two TV specials and 9,000 girls, the Morning Musume 9th generation have finally been unveiled today at the first Hello! Project concert of 2011. The winners (and names we will be getting used to) are auditionies Erina Ikuta, Kanon Suzuki and Riho Sayashi and former member of the new Shugo Chara Egg
Mizuki Fukumura.

Morning Musume’s average age has now reduced from 21 to 17 and received the largest intake of members since the 6th generation.

I was quite surprised however, in tsunku’s decision about the girls, especially that he didn’t chose Minami Mogi – a clear underdog who would have needed a lot of work, and the cute Aina Otsuka. Both of the girls clearly struggled in their auditions, and were clearly less skilled than Riho – someone who has talent written all over her.

However, I’m also a little suspicious of Riho – coincidence or not, she appeared in Morning Musume’s stage play Fashionable, and I would love to speculate that she got fast tracked in the auditions. Her and Erina look like handmade idols, and Kanon looks like a mini Kago/Kanon Fukuda + mole.

Whatever the speculation, it looks like, for once, tsunku has gone with the safe choice. I won’t get too angry about it – Mogi was my favourite as I love underdog characters, but Morning Musume no longer have the ability to push awkward characters forward on variety shows or the extremely short Bijou Gaku slot. What we need now is for these girls to be pushed towards the front, and hopefully see Morning Musume progress into an energetic new direction! I think it’s pretty clear we won’t see overnight miricals, but the auditions have certainly reignited my interest in Momusu.


Small Changes

In the past few months I’ve been thinking about how I use my blog, and how something will have to change.

Like most good bloggers, I keep a pile of half-written posts in the bag, which I’ve mentioned before, and which I always, always intend to finish. However, due to life becoming a higher pace for me, I’ve had to make some decisions in how I’m going to do things from here on out.

There were 3 real solutions: cut down on the wordy crap, post less frequently (as I am doing now) or stop posting and pack it in all together.

So, I chose option 1. I don’t know how it will pan out, as I know some of my longer posts have been the more noteworthy one, and if this fails, I’ll take up on option 2. I need to find some kind of balance between my current wordiness and something the size of a twitter post, but hopefully it will help me get straight to the point of things – something I currently have trouble with!

So bare with me, as we have an exciting few months coming up for J-Pop in Europe!

Small Hiatus

To all those that read my blog, I’m taking a small hiatus until the 19th April.  This is mainly due to one of my favourite events coming up – Minamicon.  This year I’ve been asked to run the J-Pop quiz and as to not disappoint anyone who makes the effort to come along, I want to make sure I do a good job.  I also have a fort-monthly bi-monthly? Hello! Project meet coming up which usually takes a couple of days to recover from due to losing my voice at karaoke and alcohol poisoning!

I have several album reviews on the back burner which I keep mulling over (most of all 10 MY ME which has caused me considerable trouble trying to review), so hopefully, when I do get back from my adventure to Southampton I’ll be able to finish up Melon Kinenbi, Buono!, Berryz Kobo and Morning Musume’s latest album reviews, as well as drilling out something for my new feature!

A New Year’s Resolution

So in we welcome 2010, and a new year is a fresh start for some.  While some people start making the insane resolutions that they’ll lose 20 kilo’s, not buy anything unnecessary and never drink / smoke / eat chocolate again, after years of trying to do such things myself, I realise they’re impossible.

But, New Year’s is a great time for a clear out, which made me realise something myself – as I deleted 12 drafts from my blog: I need to start finishing what I start.  I hate deleting my drafts, but not half as much as I hate being disorganised, and although some posts had had hours of work on them, I knew in the back of my mind that they’d never quite be finished.

So while we’re on the subject, I’ll bullet point them, delete the waffle and get to what I want to say:

  • 2009, although sad due to Koharu’s graduation, ended with 4 great H!P singles: Ryusei Boy, Party Time, Love x Peace = Paradise and Bravo Bravo
  • My favourite single of 2009 was B’z Ichibu to Zenbu / DIVE
  • My favourite album of 2009 was Perfume’s Traingle
  • My favourite H!P single was Guardian4’s Party Time – I deathlooped it to hell
  • My favourite H!P album was Morning Musume’s Platinum 9 Disc, as long as I skip past it’s you
  • My favourite anime of 2009 was Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

And now my resolution: to start finishing some of these posts!  I don’t have as much time as I used to ~ but I do have some new gizmo’s which will hopefully start helping me out!  And thanks to the support of my friends, my blog also seems to have gained a bit of notice recently – which reminds me, I really need to sort my blog roll out.

But here’s to a better 2010, more H!P goodness, and hopefully, more posts!

Now I am:

Giant PandaDue to a moment of boredom yesterday, you can now get here through – maybe it’s because all my friends had domain names and I was jealous, maybe it was due to my retail therapy related afternoon, or maybe it was due to the fact that it is approaching, what would be, my beloved SSUK’s 9th Birthday – but that seems a life time ago!  It’s simple domain forwarding to be perfectly honest.  I can’t remember the last time I touched CSS, used photoshop with some level of decency or did anything other than use the very basic tools of word press.  It’s lack of time and effort as I’ve grown old and lazy.

Back on track, my HANGRY & ANGRY album arrived this morning, and although I’m going to listen a little more before I review, so far, I’m a little disappointed. Four tracks are remixes, albeit they sound better than the originals in some cases, and 2 tracks have been previewed / released previously – leaving just four tracks of fresh material. That being said, there are three tracks which have justified me buying this album.