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Minamicon 16

This is Tasuki Daisuki’s epic post about how to go to an anime convention, come home, and realise that you have no pictures really related to the actual convention.  Minamicon has to be my favourite, and the best run convention going in the UK, so I felt pretty honoured that I was asked to run an event this year.  Armed with my new camera, I also wanted to take loads of pictures of cosplayers, various events and other happenings.  However, this select collection shows you how sidetracked I got…

You see, UK conventions are all about the alcohol, and surprisingly for this con, this was the most I drank all weekend – mmm purple rain at TGI’s, what a conveniently place restaurant for Minami.  But this is how I started off on Friday.

And here is my attempt at sorting a wig out, which didn’t work.  It was covered in bits of feather from Insane Lampshade and MattD’s SHIPS cosplays from the Grand Cosplay Ball.  In the end, I opted to wearing Hello! Project and Genki Gear stuff all weekend rather than the hassle of cosplay.

In fact I had more cosplay to sell this year than I’ve ever taken to a convention just to wear.  Kind of shows my age me-thinks.

 Here’s a very interesting picture and an apt showing of my camera skills.  I’ve titled it “my foot, covered in boot”.  Loving the skanky carpet.

And here’s a giant police station they’re constructing in Southampton – gave me great confidence about the area.

Prizes for the quiz 🙂  We also had a pass-the-parcel with a Hello! Kitty activity pack inside ^_^

Breakfast!  This wasn’t mine though…

And here’s a load of cakes and fruit and sweet things I had for my mostly unhealthy breakfast.  As my boyfriend put it, it was if a child and chosen it… I also had waffles and syrup – nomnomnom


And the main thing I wanted to buy this year – a Ponyo plushie 🙂

Ponyo searches for ham while Totoro looks for acorns…

And quite luckily, some poor wota had either lost his or her mind or gone bankrupt as they seemed to be selling their entire Hello! Project collection up to Resonant Blue.  I lucky managed to finally grab Sexy 8 Beat (boo at Mitsui photocard though) and 2 Morning Musume concert DVDs (15nin non stop! and Best of Japan which I think may be the Mika graduation concert).


Then I kind of forgot what I was doing and didn’t take any more pictures.  Here’s me on the Friday night, pimping my Reina t-shirt, and one of the few pics where it’s not ultra blurry as I’m dancing like a maniac.

But back from the pic spam, Minami was really good fun this year.  It’s a relatively small con and sells out fast, and as some people have pointed out, yes, it is mainly the same people going to Minamicon every year.  That said, it doesn’t have the clique vibe that you sometimes have at the bigger cons, where whole anime societies go together and stick together, you can turn around and talk to any one without getting a dodgy look – unless they’re not part of the convention, and  unfortunately just booked in at that hotel at the weekend.


Upcoming Events (For otaku in London and beyond)

Giant PandaSo in the absent minded style (yes i know I haven’t done my pet love this week, the Oricon, but Morning Musume are at number 12 with over 11,000 sales in their second week and we all know that’s the only important thing) I’ve remembered a number of events going on around the next few months, which will hopefully neetly take my otaku/wota side up to Christmas – I wont be attending all of them (especially as there’s a lot of clashing dates), but as I have tickets to the Grand Cosplay Ball and abingdon boys school I will definetly be there!

  • September 4th – 6th: Alcon
  • September 5th: Super Kawaii Reina Saturday (aka a Hello! Project fan meet)
  • September 19th: Japanese Matsuri@ Spitalfields (won’t be going, but wish I was!)
  • October: J-Pop Go!@ London Stone (date TBC, month confirmed via twitter)
  • October 17th: J-CultureCon
  • October 23rd – 25th: Fuyucon
  • October 24th – 25th: London MCM Expo(won’t be going, but if you’re desperate)
  • November 12th: abingdon boys school @ Camden Underworld (google to find ticket sites)
  • November 13th – 15th: EirtaKon
  • November 28th – 29th: Loopy Koha’s crazed addiction (Another H!P meet, not yet confirmed)
  • November 29th: Grand Cosplay Ball (probably where all the H!P fans will actually meet)

So it looks like there’s quite a few cool things going on, and hopefully will cure a lot of people of their post con depression following Aya this year.  For anyone who is into cons, we’ve been told to keep our eyes on Ame con’s websiteabout their annoucement for next years con.  Hopefully (as most of the staff for Ame, Aya and Minami seem to be a core of the same people), Ame will take a lot of ideas which helped make Aya successful this year.  Also, if you want to go, keep your eyes on Minami con’s website.  I’m sure registration will open soon, but more so, remember that places run out in a matter of hours!

Ayacon Draws Closer

ayaconThe highlight of my summer is fast approaching – yes Ayacon.  For the last 4 years, believe it or not, con’s have often been my highlight – sad but true!

This year I’m also over excited as for the first time I’m running an event – J-Pop related of course.  Not only that, but Aya seems to really be pushing the boundaries and is looking like it will produce the best con ever held in the UK.  Obviously, UK cons in no way, shape or form are like US cons – a lower attendance and funds have meant they’re still pretty low key and don’t attract external attention outside the anime/manga/otaku/wota communities.

But still, this year, on a shoe string, the Aya community have come up with a great guest, Halko Momoi!  Coming from the opinnion of someone who has not watched any of the anime she was in, but has only heard some of her music, I am very excited.  Firstly, it’s the first time I will have been to a con which has a Japanese guest.  Secondly, it’s not an obscure person, such as an artist who wrote one anime opening, but someone who is actively involved in her work, and quite high profile for that reason.

Well done Aya!  I can’t stop giving my praises to a con ,which until last year, a lot of us thought we’d never seen again.  It’s already looking to be a much more promising event than last years big UK con, Ame!

Now, if you can all support me in the J-Pop Lounge, I will be extremely grateful! 😀

Ayacon J-Pop Event

I’m happy to announce that I will be running a J-Pop Event at Ayacon anime convention this year, thoughtfully called “J-Pop Lounge”.  Hopefully I’ll be creating a relaxing atmosphere with PV showings and light discussion about J-Pop, featuring Hello! Project, Oricon chart toppers, and maybe a little bit of Enka to say the least.  It’s my first time running an event so I’m a little nervous!

If you’re coming along to Ayacon, please come along to support me at the event ^o^