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Dandan – General Ramblings

dandanLast Monday I was watching JSTV when I saw a drama which contained a song I’d heard before but couldn’t place.  It actually drove me pretty much insane until I worked out it was RSP’s cover of “Princess Princess“‘s M I was thinking of.  What irritated me even more was that I couldn’t work out what the drama was I was watching.

Well after paying more attention this week, and figuring out the character names, J-Drama wiki informed me it was asadrama “Dandan“, about  (odd looking) twins separated at birth and bought back together at a later age, one an appriteice Geisha and the other into singing.  They get together and preform old J-Pop songs, with news paper reporting them to be the next “Peanuts“.

However, hearing that Princess Princess song last week drove me to the point where I had to buy their album!  Luckily found a used copy on Amazon so hopefully it will arive soon.  Watching JSTV at the language centre makes me wish I was rich though.  From what I can tell it’s the only Japanese TV station that airs in the UK, requires a separate satalite from the standard Sky one and subscription at £30 a month.  However they’re showing the Kohaku Uta Gassen more-or-less as it airs in Japan – and the Languge Centre is closed that day!


Koizora – Episode 2

koizoraI knew this wasn’t going to be one of those happy love stories.  Once again turbulent action as Mika gets attacked by Hiro’s ex, and feels as if she cannot talk to him about the situation.

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Hana Yori Dango Returns – Series Review

hana yori dangoThis past year I’ve really gotten into watching J-Drama, and my favourite, by far, was Hana Yori Dango.  Therefore, it was a no-brainer that I’d be watching the sequel.  With two of the biggest hit songs of 2007 connected to the series and the same brilliant cast returning, the real question was how did this sequel measure up to it’s predecessor, and more importantly, how can the story continue after such a perfect ending?

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Koizora – Episode 1

koizoraBased on the (apparently) non-fiction cell-phone story read by over 25 million people, Koizora (“The Sky of Love“) follows the romance between Mika, and idealistic 16-year-old high-school freshman and Hiro, a rocky high-school bad boy.

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