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GACKT to tour Europe

Londoner’s, aren’t we lucky?  Not only have we had Hikaru Utada, HANGRY & ANGRY and a number of J-Rock acts grace our shores this year, but GACKT, the king of over-the-top-camp-Japanese-Rock is now coming to London.

GACKT has announced a European tour, where he’ll be stopping over at the O2 Islington Academy on July 16th (Tickets go on sale here on June 8th).  Ticket prices haven’t been stated yet – there’s a few rumors circulating that they’ll be quite high (£30-£45), but this is mere speculation.

UTADA’s gigs at the Islington Academy sold out, unofficially, in less than an hour, so it will be interesting to see how quickly these ones go.  Considering they have only left a month of sales, the large J-Rock following we have in the UK (as opposed to J-Pop), I’d expect the tickets will sell out quite quickly for such a prolific rocker – then again the lack of time may work against sales as we’re also entering peak holiday season around that time of year.

Hopefully I’ll nab a ticket for myself (price dependant), but I do look forward to what kind of show Gackt will put on.


HANGRY & ANGRY London Signing

Hello! Project fans –  where were you today?  I ran from work in a questionable ensemble (not much compliments Yossie’s purple Ongaku Gatas t-shirt – although I’m glad I wore it because a lot of Japanese fans noticed it) to Tokyo Toys for what I was expecting to be one of the most exciting events of my life – meeting Yoshizawa Hitomi (and Rika).  Tokyo Toys were under strict orders to give out the wrist bands at 6pm, although I arrived a little after 5 to see they were already giving them out as ptom, MorningTime, Hexi, Aqua and Chococat already had their wrist bands!  The eventual crowd was disappointingly small, although it did mean that everyone who wanted to get something signed, got something signed.

To be honest, the experience wasnt that bad.  We queued for only about 20 minutes max, and we were all allowed to hand gifts to HANGRY & ANGRY.  I’d panic bought them both a small ring each which Yossie put on in front of me while saying something which I didn’t understand because I was far too star-struck. The girls both signed merchandise we bought ourselves or purchased at the signing – unfortunately for some fans, the girls were only signing as “HANGRY” and “ANGRY” – and also, there were no photos allowed to be taken – not that I was too bothered, I was going more for the chance to meet Yossie – and how amazing both girls are in public.  Yossie looked genuinely happy and grateful whenever a fan gave her something, and Rika was being her cute self.  We loitered around afterwards and cheered Yossie and Rika off.  The whole signing didn’t last more than half an hour – in fact I was home by 8:30.  I hope they weren’t too disappointed by this.

However, I can’t describe what it feels like to meet Yossie and Rika.  Yossie has always been my favourite member of Hello! Project, and I know I wasn’t the only one completely awestruck after the signing (I’m sure I saw a few tears from Hexi!).  I had butterflies in my stomach all day over this, and it’s made me even more excited about this Thursdays concert.  I honestly never thought I’d get a chance to meet Yossie – not only that,  but in my home country, my home city, and a place I’ve been going to since my childhood

P.S. Tokyo Toys, I’m sorry, but it was me who hid a box of cookies in your empty stock draw – feel free to eat them though!

Oricon Top 10 – 2010/03/31

  1. Tohoshinki – Toki o Tomete (195,250) NEW
  2. Kiyoshi Hikawa – Shamisen Tabi Garasu (83,096) NEW
  3. SKE48 – Aozora Kataomoi (34,747) NEW
  4. Hetalia Character Single: China (Chugoku) – Chugoku (Niihao) (22,410) NEW
  5. Arashi – Troublemaker (16,221) DOWN
  6. Fuyumi Sakamoto – Mata Kimi ni Koi Shiteru / Asia no Kaizoku (14,569) UP
  7. BUCK-TICK – Dokudanjo Beauty (13,880) NEW
  8. Miliyah Kato – BYE BYE (10,899) NEW
  9. Feromen – Iro wa uta (10,787) NEW
  10. Yusuke – Lion (6,076) DOWN

Oricon Top 10 – 2010/03/24

  1. Watarirouka Hashiritai – Akkanbe Bashi (27,441) NEW
  2. Arashi – Troublemaker (25,460) =
  3. Aya Ikeda / Mayu Kudou – Alright! Heart Catch Precure / Heat Catch Paradise (13,384) NEW
  4. Yusuke – Lion (13,143) DOWN
  5. Akina Minami no Super Mild Seven / Pabo – Shiawase ni narou / Koi (11,844) NEW
  6.  PROJECT R – Tensou Sentai Goseiger / Gaccha Goseija (9,312) NEW
  7. THE BAWDIES – HOT DOG (7,799) NEW
  8. Ikimono-gakari – Nostalgia (7,177) DOWN
  9. Fuyumi Sakamoto – Mata Kimi ni Koi Shiteru / Asia no Kaizoku (6,906) UP
  10. Hanako Oku – Hatsukoi (5,939) NEW

6 new, 1 stays the same, 2 down and 1 up.  Total top 10 sales = 128,405.  Low selling week is… low selling?  AKB unit get #1 with crappy sales (no I’m not being sour!… okay, I am), Arashi hold second – Precure, Hexagon and Power Rangers singles in top 10.  Props to Fuyumi, who’s single originally came out in January 2009.

Oricon Top 10 – 2010/03/17

  1. Yusuke – Lion (92,085) NEW
  2. Arashi – Troublemaker (64,632) DOWN
  3. Ikimono-gakari – Nostalgia (26,009) NEW
  4. T-Pistonz + KMC – Katte Nakou ze! (10,269) NEW
  5. Hey! Say! Jump – Hitomi no Screen (8,974) =
  6. Kana Nishino – Best Friend (8,013) UP
  7. Hannya, Fruits Punch – Onara Hazukashikunai yo / Pirameki tasou (6,710) DOWN
  8. Sid – sleep (6,460) DOWN
  9. Berryz Kobo – Otakebi Boy WAO! / Tomodachi ni Tomodachi nanda! (6,226) DOWN
  10. KAT-TUN – Love yourself ~ kimi ga kirai na kimi ga suki~ (5,394)  =

3 new, 4 down, 2 stay the same and 1 up!

Berryz chart in the top 10 with second week sales for the first time ever, selling an impressive (for them) 6k this week.  Three Johnny’s persist in the top 10 and Kana Nishino does the rarety in the top 10 and moves up by 2 places!  This week’s top 10 sales (rounded) 228,000.