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Dandan – General Ramblings

dandanLast Monday I was watching JSTV when I saw a drama which contained a song I’d heard before but couldn’t place.  It actually drove me pretty much insane until I worked out it was RSP’s cover of “Princess Princess“‘s M I was thinking of.  What irritated me even more was that I couldn’t work out what the drama was I was watching.

Well after paying more attention this week, and figuring out the character names, J-Drama wiki informed me it was asadrama “Dandan“, about  (odd looking) twins separated at birth and bought back together at a later age, one an appriteice Geisha and the other into singing.  They get together and preform old J-Pop songs, with news paper reporting them to be the next “Peanuts“.

However, hearing that Princess Princess song last week drove me to the point where I had to buy their album!  Luckily found a used copy on Amazon so hopefully it will arive soon.  Watching JSTV at the language centre makes me wish I was rich though.  From what I can tell it’s the only Japanese TV station that airs in the UK, requires a separate satalite from the standard Sky one and subscription at £30 a month.  However they’re showing the Kohaku Uta Gassen more-or-less as it airs in Japan – and the Languge Centre is closed that day!