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Death Note – DVD Volume 1

deathnotedvd1Light Yagami is the top student in Japan.  His grades are flawless, he’s handsome and he’s even helped his father in solving some of Japan’s most notorious crimes.  When he accidentally stumbles upon a strange book titled “Death Note“, which tells him he can kill anyone who’s name and face he knows by writing their name inside, Light’s curiosity gets the better of him, and after the book succeeds in killing a criminal whose name he writes inside, Light takes it upon himself to change the world.

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Hana Kimi ~For You In Full Blossom~ (By Hisaya Nakajo) – Volume 1

hana kimi vol 1Mizuki Ashiya, Japanese-American transfer student, is the newest student at the exclusive all-boys Osaka High School, and is quickly becoming a well known guy.  However, Mizuki’s keeping a few small secrets from her class mates, one of them being that Mizuki’s secretly come to this particular school to see her idol, high-jumper Izumi Sano, and secondly, Mizuki is a girl.

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