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Nana Chapters 82 & 83

nana mangaHachi, Nobu and Shin attempt to help Nana recover from her loss, and Hatchi moves into the dorms to help.  Meanwhile Takumi travels back to Trapnests and BLASTS home town to look after Reira, who is also having trouble coping with her sudden loss.

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NANA Spoilers (To Chapter 80)

nana mangaBordom at work has led me to find online manga sites, where I could catch up with one of my favourite titles, NANA.  I stopped paying interest to NANA for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, the official English translation hasn’t caught up with the anime which finished airing almost two years ago.  Secondly, I never really liked reading manga off my computer – however, if at work with nothing better to do, I will read.

So, I thought I’d catch everyone up with what’s been happening since the end of the anime, up to chapter 80, as I only started reading the manga since I couldn’t find the spoilers myself. 

Beware, heavy spoilers follow.

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Hana Kimi ~For You In Full Blossom~ (By Hisaya Nakajo) – Volume 1

hana kimi vol 1Mizuki Ashiya, Japanese-American transfer student, is the newest student at the exclusive all-boys Osaka High School, and is quickly becoming a well known guy.  However, Mizuki’s keeping a few small secrets from her class mates, one of them being that Mizuki’s secretly come to this particular school to see her idol, high-jumper Izumi Sano, and secondly, Mizuki is a girl.

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