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Now it’s really (well kind of…)

As I’ve got all my stuff together for Minami con, my bags are full to the brim, but packed, and my quiz is somewhat finished now I have that dodgy picture of tsunku to put in (thanks MorningTime), I had time to fiddle around with the site a bit.

Many years ago, I used to run websites – SailorScouts UK and the Inu Yasha image gallery being a couple of them (no one remembers huh?  They were big if you were into those animu!  Back before wikipedia and youtube) – I would toil endlessly, learn php, make half decent CSS and even make all my own graphics.  Almost 10 years on, I’ve forgot all those skills, and I can’t even claim to have made my website banner – my boyfriend was pestered and lovingly made it for me.

You see now it’s an epic feat for me to do anything slightly technical, so I’m quite proud that I’ve managed to finally map my blog to my domain name properly.  All old links will work / redirect back to here so it’s no big deal really whether you use the wordpress or the address.

Other good news is that I have a line of blog posts ready to post on Monday – nonono, not all at once, I’ll drip feed them to you.  However, my Berryz Kobo and Buono! albums are yet to arrive (and I thought they had) which have obviously hindered writing reviews about them.