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OriUp’d Vol. 3

Last week’s top 5:

  1.  B’z – Sayonara Kizu Darake no Hibi yo (130,195)
  2. Nana Mizuki – SCARLET KNIGHT (55,366)
  3. Nana Mizuki – Pop Master (51,883)
  4. KARA – Jet Coaster Love (24,399)
  5. Aki Toyosaki – Haru Kaze SHUN PU (12,453)

After dominating the DVD chart last week, Kanjani8 have released their first of three monthly consecutive singles with T.W.L. and Yellow Pansy Street which are both being used in the latest Crayon Shin Chan movie.  Avid fans will also note that this will be the most singles the band has ever released in a year.  I’ve never really taken to Kanjani8 (I’m more of an Arashi fan), but the double A-side isn’t too bad.  There’s a lot of brass in both singles, with T.W.L. reminding me a bit of Nagisa no Sinbad, while Yellow Pansy Street sounds somewhat of a Beatles Sergent Pepper-esc tribute (from the music video, it looks like JE ordered too much felt…).  I’ve always found Kanjani8 a bit tongue in cheek, so I suppose if you approach this single with that in mind, and the fact that it’s for a kid’s movie, into account, it’s not too bad.  Unless something insane happens, this single will get the top spot this week.

Moving on FT Island are keeping the interest going with Korea with their single “SATISFACTION“, currently being used as the ending to theare the ones I’m really loving, so FT Island are also fitting this bill.  The verses are a bit boring, but the chorus builds up dramatically and is the real pulling point of the song.  It’s a bit bland, but the kind of track I’d probably love if I was really into these guys.

SCANDAL have also got a new entry in the mix this week with “HARUKA”, not one of my favourite tracks by them, as I prefer their more energetic numbers, but the PV is definitely worth taking a look at just to see the girls perform a dance routine while still playing guitar / bass (we’ll let the drummer off for not joining in). 

Other new entries this week include nano.RIPE with “Hana no Iro“, a rock band with a lead vocalist who sets your teeth on edge (e.g. her pitch is higher than YUKI on Helium), Kou Shibasaki with wish and various artists who have decided that they’d rather release a single this week on Saturday, including enka from Miyako Otsuki and the anisong opening to “Katte ni Kaizo Shitemo Iize” from Ichi Mizuki to Tokusatsu.

So it’s looking like a 1, 2, 3 respectively for my former mentioned singled.  I’ll leave you with SCANDAL’s “Haruka” – I really hope they do that dance live…