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Small Update

Giant PandaI can’t believe how busy the new year has been.  I had set myself targets with my blog, but for now it’s become something to relax with and help me to remember how to write… although when reading back some posts I don’t think the second part is true.  I’m trying to balance a full time job, Japanese lessons and I’ll be studying for exams for work soon ~_~ 

Plus, Minamicon is coming up and I am nowhere near finished with my cosplays 😦  It’s actually looking like the cosplay I bought from e-bay needs more adjustments than the one I made myself!  Despite this I actually submitted an article for the conbook this year 🙂 

Despite this, I’ll make the following points:

  • I’m still watching Soul Eater – I haven’t posted episode reviews because I watched around 12 episodes in a day and realised that there was no way I could write up detailed reviews for all those episodes at once.  Instead I’ll write a nice series review once it’s finished – don’t worry, I’m sure it will be positive.
  • I’ve finished Koizora – just after the new year – and have since forgot a lot of what’s happened.
  • I’ve picked up Q.E.D., review is half done, but it was very dull so I don’t know if I’ll be keeping up to date.
  • Other than the aforementioned Q.E.D. article, around 10 articles are half written on my account… hopefully when I’m working late shifts next week I’ll finish them off.

Other than that, I hope everyone is well 🙂  Thank you for reading and commenting.


Koizora – Episode 4

koizoraHiro comes to terms with his illness and realises he’ll have to sacrifice his relationship to protect Mika.

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Koizora – Episode 3

koizoraAs everyone comes to terms with Mika’s pregnancy, tragedy strikes once again, testing the couple’s strength once again.

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Koizora – Episode 2

koizoraI knew this wasn’t going to be one of those happy love stories.  Once again turbulent action as Mika gets attacked by Hiro’s ex, and feels as if she cannot talk to him about the situation.

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Koizora – Episode 1

koizoraBased on the (apparently) non-fiction cell-phone story read by over 25 million people, Koizora (“The Sky of Love“) follows the romance between Mika, and idealistic 16-year-old high-school freshman and Hiro, a rocky high-school bad boy.

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